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"I understand that each person comes to freediving with a different aquatic history, a different motivation to train and a different goal.  My aim is to guide each diver as an individual with specific needs and challenges." - Harry Chamas (Freedive Passion)


Typical day

Lung stretching
Yoga Nidra & Visualisation
Dive briefing
Dive session
Dive debriefing
Dry EQ training

Join me for personalised coaching.  I have the knowledge and experience to help divers of all levels to better themselves in the sport of freediving.  Together we will discus your aspirations and from this I will assess your diving. Then we will devise the best plan for achieving your desired goals. 

Why choose coaching?  The reality is that most freedivers don't get to spend much time at depth.  This means what time you do have should be used as efficiently as possible.  Without a lot of experience it will be very hard for a freediver to know how best to spend his/her time.  This is where I come in.  I have the ability to analyse what is holding you back and devise the best route for you to master that skill.

Theory Lessons

Mental Training & Flow
CO2 Training
Energy systems + Training
The Breathe up
Respiratory system

4 week
beginner course


Our Beginner course is designed to give you a deep understanding of the core principles of freediving… How to be relaxed in the water, Proper breathing, Equalisation, How to move in the water, How to train and Safety.
All elements of the course will be heavily practical, you will feel what it means to be relaxed because you will feel at peace under the water, you will feel what it means to train because you will become better, you will acquire a deep understanding of equalisation through daily dry and in water exercises, you will learn to alter your state of being through your breath.
Our course is run on a 1:1 student to teacher ratio, so each course is tailored to you.  Each day will consist of one dry session and one depth session.
Every possible consideration has been put into place to ensure you have a positive introduction to freediving.


This Internship is designed for the freediving professional (instructor) who wants to expand their knowledge of teaching, coaching and safety.

I will help you to become confident in your methods and knowledge, because it is the same methods and knowledge that has made me one of the most successful coaches in the world.  No longer will you have to blindly experiment to solve a divers problems, you will be able to approach each issue with clarity, certainty, and an array of tools designed for the specific problem.

This 3 month internship, begins with a 4 week mentorship, I will coach you personally.  In order to teach, you must first understand through experience.  Your own diving should be of the highest level.  That is what this first month will be about.

The next 2 months will be shadowing my coaching, and building your experience of safety diving.  There will be regular debriefings and lectures so you understand my methods and reasoning.

I will not be spoon feeding you information, you will complete written assignments and lectures on a variety of subjects relating to freediving.  You will be expanding your knowledge of freediving, while simultaneously learning how to research and formulate your own methods and theory's.

This time period within a coaching environment will allow you to not only observe my coaching, but once the time is right and your knowledge is complete - you too will be able to coach and start to problem solve students' issues (under my supervision) building your own experience and confidence.

Upon completion, the participant will be given access to my beginner freedivers course materials and be able to teach beginners using my system.

TOPICS COVERED - EQ (common issues, dry exercises, in water exercises, problem solving), Technique (FI,CWT,CWT-B,CNF), Periodisation, Safety Diving, Psychology, Adaptation, Cross Training, Physiology, Current + Waves, Overcoming Hypoxia, Session Planning Principles, Stretching, Meditation, Pranayama, Competition Rules, Competition Safety.

Coach Traning
Distance coaching


Monthly Training programming by Harry Chamas.

Time is valuable to all freedivers. We have limited spare time, limited pool time, limited time at depth, limited energy.  This means the time we do spend training MUST be spent wisely and efficiently.

I will personalise your programming to your own circumstances and goals - leaving you free to focus on what matters the most to you - FREEDIVING.

Programming includes (where available/necessary) Pool training, Depth training, Stretching, Pranayama, CO2/O2 training, Aerobic/Anaerobic training and Strength training.

Take the guess work out of your training with Freedive Passion.

200 Euros per Month


"If you can't do it dry, then you can't do it in the water.

This online mouthfill course gives you all the awareness and understanding you need to start to use the mouthfill manoeuvre (the safest way to equalise to depth).

Mouthfill can seem like a confusing thing to learn.  The main reason is most people have been taught by people who do not fully understand mouthfill themselves.

In reality, with the right guidance - mouthfill is a simple manoeuvre to learn and you will quickly overcome your equalisation issues.

The Key is building awareness. Awareness of the body parts involved, awareness of the amount of air you have and awareness of how to use that air.

5 video calls (30-60 minutes each)
7 additional YouTube videos
(including "How to make your own bubbler")


250 Euros



We all get stuck from time to time. If you have something specific that you would like to discuss with a professional, I am available for video consultations.

One session is 1 hour, we can discuss a variety of subjects or zoom into one specific part of your diving or freediving theory in general

60 Euros per session







Complete your theoretical understanding of how to train as a freediver. These live seminars cover the gaps in knowledge most freedivers have despite completing every level of certification (regardless of the certifying agency).

Full course - 250 Euros
5 Seminars - 200 Euros
3 seminars - 150 Euros





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