My priority is to give TIME and ATTENTION with FOCUSED coaching aimed at the individual skill which is holding you back, while introducing the HABITS that will allow you to progress in the future.

TIME - I have a minimum time period of 1 week coaching for anyone who wants to train with me.  Freediving requires mastery over specific skills in a specific order, anything less than 1 week is not enough time to create the mastery needed to build upon in the future.

ATTENTION - I only coach 4 freedivers (2 per buoy) during any period, this allows me to personalise my coaching to the individuals needs.

FOCUSED - Traditional freediving courses bombard the diver with too many skills over too short of a period, making mastery impossible and progression stumped and/or dangerous.  My vast experience in freediving allows me to isolate the skill that is holding you back - mastering that skill is just a matter of TIME and ATTENTION

HABITS - Flexibility, concentration, awareness, fitness, apnea - these are things which are developed over months and years.  A part of each training day is spent developing these habits which allow you to progress in freediving in a safe, consistent and comfortable way.




My 4 week mentorship is the package that fills me with the most pride.  The time scale shows me that you as a diver are serious enough to make the sacrifice it requires to embark on such a long training period.  This gives us the TIME we need to master old skills and develop new ones, using the 4 pillars of Freedive Passion.  Each day will have a FOCUS, each dive an INTENTION and over the period deeper states of understanding will be reached.  My mentorship only requires one thing from my diver - DEDICATION - I don't care what your level is, it is not relevant what your target is, the path is the same no matter who you are - once you achieve MASTERY of your MIND your BODY and SKILLS you will be capable of whatever you can imagine.
Daily life will be shadowing me in my own training (tailored to your specific level) Mornings will include stretching, lung stretching, Pranayama, some dry EQ training, your coached dive session and a debriefing.  Afternoons consist of theory (if needed), pool training (if needed) and I can show you how to incorporate functional fitness (HIIT) and Resistance training into your routine.

If you are interested in becoming able to train independently, we can include buoy set up and safety training into the 4 weeks, leaving you confident to organise your own training sessions and meet new freediving friends.  We will also discuss how to organise your own training with regards to periodisation and specific session planning.
Without a doubt, you will walk away from this experience fulfilled with a deep understanding of freediving and it's possibilities both in depth and feeling.

1400 EUROS




Join me for personalised coaching.  I have the knowledge and experience to help divers of all levels to better themselves in the sport of freediving.  Together we will discus your aspirations, from this I will assess your diving and we will devise the best plan for achieving your desired goals. 

Why choose coaching?  The reality is that most freedivers don't get to spend much time at depth.  This means what time you do have should be used as efficiently as possible.  Without a lot of experience it will be very hard for a freediver to know how best to spend his/her time.  This is where I come in.  I have the ability to analyse what is holding you back and devise the best route for you to master that skill.

A days coaching includes yoga, pranayama, lung stretching, any theory training needed, coached diving, debriefing and pool training if needed.




Advanced Instructor Training

(3 months)

This Internship is designed for the freediving professional (instructor) who wants to expand their knowledge of teaching, coaching and safety.

I will help you to become confident in your methods and knowledge, because it is the same methods and knowledge that has made me one of the most successful coaches in the world.  No longer will you have to blindly experiment to solve a divers problems, you will be able to approach each issue with clarity, certainty, and an array of tools designed for the specific problem.

This 3 month internship, begins with a 4 week mentorship, I will coach you personally.  In order to teach, you must first understand through experience.  Your own diving should be of the highest level.  That is what this first month will be about.

The next 2 months will be shadowing my coaching, and building your experience of safety diving.  There will be regular debriefings and lectures so you understand my methods and reasoning.

I will not be spoon feeding you information, you will complete written assignments and lectures on a variety of subjects relating to freediving.  You will be expanding your knowledge of freediving, while simultaneously learning how to research and formulate your own methods and theory's.

This time period within a coaching environment will allow you to not only observe my coaching, but once the time is right and your knowledge is complete - you too will be able to coach and start to problem solve students' issues (under my supervision) building your own experience and confidence.

TOPICS COVERED - EQ (common issues, dry exercises, in water exercises, problem solving), Technique (FI,CWT,CWT-B,CNF), Periodisation, Safety Diving, Psychology, Adaptation, Cross Training, Physiology, Current + Waves, Overcoming Hypoxia, Session Planning Principles, Stretching, Meditation, Pranayama, Competition Rules, Competition Safety.

REQUIREMENTS - Freediving Instructor (teaching experience a bonus), easily be able to achieve or surpass instructor requirements, a passion for freediving and learning, motivated.

Start Dates (2020) - March (Dahab) June (Greece)

2000 EUROS



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