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Dive with complete trust in your capabilities, and a deep understanding of the subtleties of freediving

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Freedive Passion has become synonymous with integrity in the freediving world. We see the role of a teacher as a great responsibility.
Our priority is to show you the path to confident, controlled and relaxed deep diving through attention to detail, knowledge and patience.
No requirements, no time limit -just a healthy journey of continuous improvement.

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Freediving draws people for many different reasons. But regardless of that reason... we all want to feel better underwater.

Here at Freedive Passion La Ventana, we understand that to have beautiful dives, we must be comfortable in an element that is not our own.

This requires a strong foundation of skills, knowledge and experience.

We focus on building this foundation -at the pace of the individual -with patience and empathy, and supporting onward training with safety, logistics and community.



freediver on the surface

If you are doing everything right, relaxation is the default.

Coaching takes you from your current level, and starts to build your skills and confidence from that point, at the pace you as an individual are able to absorb the information.

It is the single best thing that you can do for your freediving.

No mystery, no confusion. Just a clear path to new levels of enjoyment underwater... and yes, depth will come as a consequence, but with levels of ease you could not imagine.



freediver with bifins

Freediving takes a lot of time to master. And there will be moments when you must consolidate your skills, and even test them before the never ending journey of improvement continues.

We understand this. This is why we offer support for people who want to train in a safe and fun environment.

We are actively fostering a freediving scene here in La Ventana. Because we know the value of community - to be around like minded water enthusiasts, to support one another and grow together.

- Boat diving
- Unlimited Depth
- Experienced safety divers 
- Buoy, line, bottom weight


Per session - $90 $75
10 sessions - $800 $700
20 sessions - $1500 $1250

- Boat diving
- Unlimited Depth
- You must have a certified buddy
- Bring your own Buoy, line, 
bottom weight or rent ours


Per session - $50 $40
10 sessions - $450 $350
20 sessions - $800 $600

Spinner Dolphins


Sea lion and dolphin in La Venana

La Ventana is a peaceful town just 45 minute south of La Paz (Baja Sur's capital city).
The town is nestled between the ocean, the Sierra de la Lauguna mountains and the sierra de las Cacachilas desert. You couldn't wish for a more beautiful setting.
The town overlooks the sea of Cortez and the island of Ceralvo also known as Jacques Cousteau island after the underwater explore who fell in love with this place.

La Ventana offer as wide variety of options for accommodation, food and adventure so you and your family cannot be bored.
The ocean offers great conditions for deep diving, and an abundance of marine life. Imagine preparing for a dive with dolphins and Mabula rays jumping all around you... this is a reality of diving here.




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Sep & Oct



May - November

May - November

July  10 - 14

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