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FREEDIVing coachingand training center

Harry Chamas - Head Coach

Harry Chamas - Head Coach

What makes us special...

I know that you can feel in complete peace underwater.

I know this because I have felt it, and have coached many other people into this experience.

Our primary objective here at Freedive Passion La Ventana is to support and guide people along that path.

We want you to feel the pure joy of diving in total confidence, knowing exactly what you need to do and that you can do it.

Achieving this requires the learning of many new skills, there will be ups and downs. But we will be there for you all along the way with clear and patient coaching.



Change your diving forever

  • Our team will patiently and systematically show you what it takes to dive in complete peace.

  • You will discover new levels of ease as each skill integrates itself. Step by step the aim is to dive in complete control with no sense of challenge.

  • This process takes hard work and patience. But going through it will reveal the true joys of freediving.

  • Coaching is available all season and all coaches are trained and supervised by Harry Chamas.

  • Our focus is to build knowledge and skills, this must be done both dry and during diving sessions. We train hard so that we can dive easily.

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(1 week)

5 days


10 days

(2 weeks)


20 days

(4 weeks)


Training main


Dive in comfort and safety, surrounded by wilderness and marine life

30% OFF

Training and Safety

Surround yourself with people who want you to become better. We are here to support you in your freediving journey.

All possible safety procedures are in place.

  • Dives below 40m are done on a counter ballast system

  • Deep sonar so we always know what's happening during a dive

  • Trained safety divers

  • Deep O2

  • Emergency O2

  • Emergency evacuation boat

  • Plus Morning stretching, STA pool, EQ tools, evening workouts

1-9 days

Was $75 per day

Now $52.5 per day

10-19 days

Was $70 per day

Now $49 per day

20+ days

Was $65 per day

Now $45.5 per day

upcoming events

Upcoming Events

AIDA Cortez Cup


  • Professional safety team

  • 4 x competition days

  • 2 comp days - rest day - 2 comp days

  • Above water counterballast

  • Sonar system

  • 12mm rope

  • Plenty of time between OT's

  • National record qualified

  • Good vibes for beginners

  • O2 deco and emergency O2

  • AIDA sanctioned

Spinner Dolphins


La Ventana is a peaceful town just 45 minute south of La Paz, Mexico (Baja Sur's capital city).
The town is nestled between the ocean, the Sierra de la Lauguna mountains and the sierra de las Cacachilas desert. You couldn't wish for a more beautiful setting.
The town overlooks the sea of Cortez and the island of Ceralvo also known as Jacques Cousteau island after the underwater explorer who fell in love with this place.
La Ventana offers a wide variety of options for accommodation, food and adventure so you and your family cannot be bored.
The ocean grants beautiful conditions for deep diving, and an abundance of marine life. Imagine preparing for a dive with dolphins and Mabula rays jumping all around you... this is a reality of diving here.


COACHING | May - October

TRAINING | May - November

COMPETITION | July  10 - 14

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Freedive Passion has become synonymous with integrity in the freediving world.
We see the role of a teacher as a great responsibility.
Our priority is to guide you into confident, controlled and relaxed deep diving through attention to detail, knowledge and patience.
No requirements, no time limit - just a healthy journey of continuous improvement.

Team Passion

Harry Chamas

Head Coach

Harry Chamas

Harry has committed his adult life to helping people develop as freedivers.

Whatever the level of his student, his passion is to help them to overcome challenges and find the joy and peacefulness of freediving.

His methods have been proven over many years with hundreds of freedivers - both recreational and competitive.

Among his achievements, he has 3 British national records, has been to 141m in VWT, was head of safety in the 2016 world championships, and has lead his athletes to over 50 national records.

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Safety Team

Zoe Lower

Originally from a fashion photography background, Zoë first came to freediving in the hope of becoming more comfortable taking her lens below the surface and to help maximise her marine life encounters. Since that first line dive she has been in a love affair with all things underwater. She is a qualified Molchanovs instructor with a holistic approach and a soft spot for breathing techniques, yet it’s the pure connection with our oceans and the serene solitude of diving that she cherishes the most.

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Safety Team

Julia Roca

‘Julia, pronounced "who-lia”, is a California-born soul with roots extending to the vibrant landscapes of Colombia. Her upbringing was immersed in the magical kelp forests of California, where her father taught her the art of diving. Her aquatic journey led her to Asia, where she refined her skills and earned certification as a Molchanov’s Freedive Instructor and Breath Coach.

For Julia, life is an adventure best lived with a smile. Specializing in the blend of playfulness and inner peace that freediving offers, she sees each dive as a chance to explore the depths and connect with the ocean's rhythm.

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Assistant Coach

Amapola Nava 

Ama believes that freediving can teach us to be gentle with ourselves, our community and our environment. She loves to bring good humor in and out of the water. Her favorite part of teaching is personalizing the learning process, oriented towards self-knowledge and enjoyment. 

From 2010 to 2016 she participated in World and Pan American championships, obtained several national records in all pool disciplines, She also got two Pan American records and ranked fourth in static apnea on two World championships.

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Safety Team

Tom Kaye

Tom's intrinsic love for the all things aquatic stems from a childhood spent in a competitive swimming environment. His focus in freediving is developing strong physical and mental fitness, whilst also cultivating a fun, fulfilling and supportive community full of laughter. Learning how to safely challenge ourselves, build confidence, and tap into the underlying potential of what our body and mind has to offer us is what truly motivates him. Tom views the ocean as a nurturing environment which gifts us with the ability to connect with nature and others.

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remote coaching


Learn all of the awareness you need to perform mouthfill on dry land. Ideal for people new to mouthfill, struggling with mouthfill or looking to fine tune it for new depths.

If you have a specific problem or something you want to develop a finer understanding of, we can arrange a video call to discuss the subject.

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